Mary Grace Quigley’s Squishy Potato Bread



This is the softest, fluffiest bread I have ever made.

This is my version of ‘Kartoffelbrot’ which is common in Germany, where I lived for several years. Adding mashed potatoes to bread dough helps bread stay softer and fresher longer.

Combined with a small amount of olive oil and honey, it also adds a subtle, sweet and earthy flavor.

I like to buy extra potatoes and boil a larger amount than is needed for the recipe. Then I measure out what I need for the bread and enjoy delicious mashed potatoes while I finish making the bread.

My parents said it was their favorite, and they tried so many of my breads. This surprised me because this bread has a relatively quick turnaround time, compared to the sourdough I make often which usually takes about 24 hours to be ready.

Usually for bread, speed equates to loss of flavor, but thanks to the potato, that’s definitely not the case for this bread.


Useful material:

  • Cast iron pot (about 4L).
  • Kitchen scales.
  • Lame bread or a very sharp knife.



  • Feel free to use fresh thyme or another type of herb if you prefer. Rosemary is also a delicious option. Alternatively, you can leave out the herbs for a simpler bread.
  • You can replace baking flour with plain flourjust check the package to make sure it contains at least 10g of protein per 100g of flour.
  • Avoid a flatbread by allowing your mashed potatoes to cool at room temperature. If you use it while it’s still hot, it could cause your bread to over-expand, resulting in flat bread. You can also prepare the potato in advance and add it later to your bread.
  • If your ball of dough spreads a bit after shaping, don’t stress.. Even though it’s a little funny in shape, just put it in the pan as best you can and it’ll still rise and taste great.
  • Have you ever done “stretch and bend”? Watch the video for this recipe to see the technique.
Don’t worry about the shape of your dough. It will still work if it spreads out a bit and will rise when cooked in the pot. (ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley)

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