Prepare the perfect fall meal with Italian wedding soup, garlic bread and hot chocolate


It’s officially November and if the cold weather doesn’t inspire warm and filling recipes, what else? In the first season of TODAY All Day’s “Saucy”, chef Anthony Contrino prepares some of his favorite cozy Italian dishes. First of all, it makes a classic that will warm guests from the inside: Italian wedding soup. Then he bakes crispy buttered garlic bread. He ends the menu with something sweet, a big cup of decadent hot chocolate. This meal is just as comforting as a cashmere scarf, but much more satisfying!

Italian wedding soup by Anthony Contrino

Some people might think that Italian wedding soup is complicated because there are a lot of ingredients, but this recipe comes together in one pot and has everything you would want in a hearty meal. Tender meatballs, perfectly cooked pasta and withered kale make for the perfect dinner or breakfast.

Anthony Contrino’s Garlic Bread by Anthony Contrino

Did someone say garlic bread? I can’t think of a better way to enjoy this basic side dish than with a bowl of hot soup. This version uses both freshly grated and granulated garlic to make sure every bite is filled with that irresistible garlic flavor.

Decadent hot chocolate by Anthony Contrino

Say goodbye to those sachets of powder for good! When I want a truly decadent cup of hot chocolate, this recipe always satisfies me. My hot chocolate can easily be topped with a hint of rum, bourbon, or (my favorite) crème de bourbon.

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