REVIEW: A disappointing taste of the south with pelican punch, vegetable gumbo and muffuletta salad from Harbor Galley at Disneyland



We decided to head down the bayou and sample the most popular menu choices from Harbor Galley to Disneyland. We expected a savory taste of the south – instead we had creative meals that failed to offer the delights of southern comfort.

Pelican Punch – $5.49

A fresh tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and lime.

This bright blue drink topped with white cream tastes exactly like Hawaiian Tropic’s after-sun lotion, so much so that drinking it was off-putting. Although the taste is ok and somewhat tropical, the blue colored artificial syrup gives a plastic aftertaste. For those looking to drink tropical themed melted candles, this is the drink for you.

We’ll stick to the Piña coladas from now on.

Port muffuletta salad -$11.49

Charcuterie and cheese on mixed lettuce with olive tapenade, giardiniera, pepperoncini and Italian vinaigrette with sliced ​​sourdough.

A good muffuletta is only worth its tapenade (a paste made from olives). And if you don’t have a good tapenade, you don’t have a good muffuletta. Unfortunately, so does a muffuletta salad. This traditional New Orleans dish was basically just a chef’s salad on bread without the taste of olives to guide it. The giardiniera was almost entirely absent and the packet of Italian dressing (served on the side) didn’t add much to the dish. And let’s not even talk about the overabundance of pepperoncini. Overall, we were disappointed that this interesting and fun take on this southern sandwich was spoiled by a lack of flavor.

That being said, he looked very pretty.

Veggie Gumbo in a Sourdough Bread Bowl

Bowl of fresh sourdough bread with choice of clam chowder, gumbo steak or vegetable gumbo

We went with vegetable okra this time and found it spectacularly average, tasting very similar to the okra served at the Royal Street Veranda just downstairs. There’s nothing wrong with reusing a recipe that works, but we wanted something new. Overall the okra flavor was good as far as a hint of spice and extra okra can go.

Now for the real highlight: the bread bowl. The cooks carved the bowl very shallow, so there wasn’t exactly a balance between bread and okra, but maybe that’s the point. The bread was soft and fresh and just a little chewy. It filled our bellies and reminded us a little of the taste of southern food. Obviously, that was the main event.

We hope you enjoyed our sampling of southern Harbor Galley (dis)comforts. Let us know what you thought of the menu below!

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