The Worst Things To Eat For Hair Loss, According To Dermatologists


Hair loss can be caused by a number of natural causes, but one of the most common is the food you eat. Just as healthy foods can improve your overall well-being, even when it comes to the clarity of your complexion, unhealthy foods can also wreak havoc on your body, leading to rashes, dry patches, and even hair loss. . Although genetics are the most common cause of hair loss and some people are more predisposed to this problem than others, your diet can also have a major impact on the strength of your strands.

If you’re suffering from plaque thinning and increased fallout but don’t know the cause, Dr. Craig Ziering, Certified Dermatologist and Founder of Ziering Medical, warns that there are several foods that you should reduce in your diet in order to slow the problem.

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One of the best-documented causes of weight gain, consuming too much sugar in your diet can also lead to hair loss and increased breakage. “Sugar produces insulin and androgens, the male hormone known to shrink hair follicles and cause hair loss. Foods high in carbohydrates, like potatoes, bread, pasta and white rice, contain a high glycemic index, which can quickly break down sugars and cause inflammation, ”Ziering notes. While it’s always a good idea to keep your sugar intake to a minimum, it’s also essential to stay aware of the volume of foods that contain sugar.


Fried food

Heavily processed or fried foods are another variation that can negatively impact your health and hair. “Fried foods high in fat often contain hydrogenated oils that can contribute to hair loss,” Ziering explains. “Testosterone levels are increased with high fat diets, which could lead to male pattern baldness.” If possible, it’s best to remove fried foods from your diet entirely in favor of less processed ingredients and less oil. Oils can be invaluable in your diet, but not in the excess that frying requires.


Simple carbohydrates

While carbs aren’t unhealthy to include in your diet, simple and heavily processed carbs can weaken your strands at the root and lead to hair loss. “The refined carbohydrates found in cakes, cookies, ice cream, bread, and white flour are high in sugar and can cause indirect hair loss,” Ziering notes. “Carbohydrates prevent the body from dealing with stress and stress is a major contributor to hair loss. So if your stress level is not controlled, it can lead to increased hair loss.

What to have instead

Instead of those unhealthy foods, replacing them with ingredients high in protein, vitamins C, E, and B will all be great for limiting hair loss while allowing your strands to grow back stronger and healthier than before. “A deficiency of vitamin B, protein and iron can trigger hair loss, while foods rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals can promote healthier hair,” Ziering explains.

Since your hair is made of protein, increasing your protein intake will naturally strengthen your strands, and foods that are high in vitamins B and E are great for limiting hair loss. Not only that, but vitamin B6 can even help reduce gray hair for younger, healthier strands at any age.

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