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Sara cheese fondant

Source: Brittney Williams / Brittney Williams

The combination of cold weather and good weather with loved ones creates the perfect opportunity to try new recipes that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year. It’s especially a time when we crave foods that remind us of childhood and that have that heartwarming, gooey element. Sara Lee Artesano Cinnamon Bread is the perfect base ingredient for experimenting in the kitchen with foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Sweet Loaves are an extension of the already popular Artesano range, which included Original, Golden Wheat, Brioche and Potato. Now the brand America loves and trusts for all things bread has added cinnamon, maple and brown sugar varieties to the list.

MADAMENOIRE celebrates a fresh version of a classic meal: the grilled cheese sandwich. Food stylist and chef Brittney Williams, seen on The Food Network, created this sweet, salty and crispy sandwich using Sara Lee Artesano Cinnamon Bread. It’s like a hybrid between a grilled cheese, a BLT and a breakfast sandwich.

Cinnamon Grilled Bacon Fudge

Sara cheese fondant

Sara cheese fondant

Source: Brittney Williams / Brittney Williams



  1. In a 425F oven on a baking sheet, bake the bacon for 15 to 20 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Keep some of the bacon fat aside.

  2. On the Sara Lee Artesano Cinnamon Bread, spread a thin layer of mayonnaise and spread over the cheese. Fontina, Gruyère and Cheddar. Between each layer, add the cooked bacon. Repeat for each sandwich.

  3. In a skillet, heat about a tablespoon or two of bacon fat with the butter and sear both sides of your sandwich for about 3-4 minutes. Until it is perfectly browned and the cheese is completely melted.

  4. Cut in half and serve immediately



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