Ree Drummond cooks ranch cheese and bacon bread recipe, controversy follows more than one missing ingredient



Ree Drummond is a fan favorite star on the Food Network. The pioneer woman is one of the most successful shows on the cable network and viewers tune in to see its updates from the Oklahoma Family Ranch. Every weekend, Drummond cooks and bakes delicious recipes for his family and home viewers. However, in a recent episode, she made a bacon ranch cheese bun that apparently lacked a crucial ingredient, according to fans.

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Bakes Delicious Bacon and Ranch Cheese Bread

On the last opus of The pioneer woman, the famous chef made a delicious Bacon Ranch cheese bread. The easy recipe was posted on the Food Network website, which allotted about an hour in total for making the bread. Drummond started by adding Monterey Jack, Cheddar, parsley, bacon, and onion whites to a bowl where she mixed everything.

The recipe also calls for a sourdough bread that the star cuts into strips one way but does not cut completely. Once that has been cut, she rotates the loaf 90 degrees to cut it the other way, resulting in little squares on the loaf.

After the bread was cut, Drummond stuffed the cheese mixture between the rows. A mixture of melted butter and ranch dressing would then be drizzled on top and wrapped in foil to bake for 25 minutes. Once everything was cooked, scallions were sprinkled on top.

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Fans call out Ree Drummond for missing an ingredient

After the distribution of the recipe The pioneer woman, an excerpt from the show was posted on Food Network‘s official Instagram account. Fans were then given the opportunity to respond with their comments on the recipe. Some fans are even adventurous enough to replicate what Drummond did on TV and share their results. However, on this particular post, many responses focused on the lack of a particular ingredient.

“I should have used garlic and / or chives instead of green onions. The two would have gone well with the butter, ”noted one fan.

“I think I would add a lot of garlic in the butter,” added one viewer.

“The only thing missing is garlic!” one Instagram user commented.

Although for some fans the garlic was missing, other viewers thought the recipe was perfect and couldn’t wait to try it themselves.

“Oh yum, I love everything about this cheese bread recipe,” said another fan.

” Awesome !!! He’s my kind of slammer, ”said another viewer.

“OMG! That looks delicious!” another Instagram user has been added.

Ree Drummond raising her hand at a signing session in 2011
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How many seasons does “The Pioneer Woman” have?

Drummond is a star and The pioneer woman is one of the most recognizable shows on the Food Network. The show is sort of a hybrid as it mixes up traditional aspects of reality TV as well as Drummond teaching viewers how to cook meals. Based in Oklahoma, the show began airing in 2011 and has 15 seasons to date.

In 15 seasons, The Pioneer Woman produced over 230 episodes in April of this year. The first season had a total of 7 episodes while the following seasons were orders of 13 episodes per season. Due to its huge success, there have been around three seasons per calendar year, which translates into lots of fun recipes all year round.

The pioneer woman Airs Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. ET and 9 a.m. CT on Food Network.

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